RAYE - 4


Quick Overview

RAYE 4 +LIFE contains unique “Lactosorb complex” which is proved by preclinical trials. It helps in the reduction of Triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol), VLDL and increases HDL (Good Cholesterol) consists of all natural substantial ingredients which is specially designed as a multilayered structured matrix which has one to one action backed up by strong preclinical evidence.

Raye +Life has been formulated as a natural solution to support weight loss. It contains a unique and patent pending Lactosorb complex Chitosan, Fructooligosaccharrides(FOS), Active Corbon, Vitamin C, Epigallocatechin Gallate( EGCG from Green Tea) and White Kidney bean Extract. Each ingredient has its unique feature may help to reduce body fat and aid in weight loss. Active Carbon acts as a catalyst to bind facts.

Chitosan attracts negatively charged fatty acids and FOS balances the intestinal flora. White Kidney bean and Green Tea extract inhibits alpha amylase enzymes which prevents carbohydrate digestion and promotes weight loss.

Health Benefits

  • Raye +Life is a natural supplement that may help you in weight loss.
  • Raye +Life may help in maintaining a Body Mass Index(BMI)
  • Raye +Life promotes better intestinal micro flora and improves Health.
  • Raye +Life is natural and free of any side effects.

Lactosorb complex

  • Specially designed multilayered structured matrix granules with one to one action
  • Stimulates lipid thermogenesis
  • Binds dietary fat.
  • Decreases food intake.
  • Inhibits the digestion of carbohydrates.
  • LACTOSORB’s unique triple action complex.
  • Lactosorb complex is a specially designed multilayered structured matrix granules which are dispersed in the gastric lumen almost immediately.
  • Lactosorb complex is only activated when it encounters fat.


  • Absorbs Oils and Fats.
  • Weight loss. Chitosan is often sold as a “Fat Binder”
  • Cholesterol can be reduced by whopping 32%
  • Effectively treat acnes
  • Increases the Bio-Availability of calcium
  • Raises the pH in the mouth and binds to the bacteria that causes plaque & tooth decay.
  • Good for anti tumor
  • Extends the Shelf Life of Meats, Fruit & Veggies

Each hard gelatin capsule contains (approx.)

LACTOSORB COMPLEX* 420mg Proprietary blend LACTOSORB COMPLEX* Consisting of Chitosan, Fructooligosaccharides, Epigallocatechin gallate from Green tea extract, White kidney been extract, Active Carbon,Vitamin C.

Instruction : If you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions or pregnant or nursing or trying to conceive, always consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.

SUGGESTED USE : Two capsules per day or as directed by the healthcare practitioner.

STORAGE : Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Keep out of reach of children. Dietary Supplement. Not for medicinal use.

Recommended Usage : Adults: one capsule per day or as directed by healthcare practitioner. *Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

“Food supplements must not be used as substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. And this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease(s).”